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PTFE Lined Pipes available with 6 meters length up to 24-inch Diameter.

PTFE Lined Pipe up to 900 NB available in 3 meters with Seamless PTFE Lining ( No welds)

Longer lengths minimize Flange joints by 30 to 50 % and optimizes initial capital cost with 15-20 % saving.

As per ASTM F 1545-15 standard min. Liner thickness is 3.2 mm. Whereas, Thickness varies between 3.2 mm to 12 mm as per part diameter and Vacuum conditions in process.

Lets us know your process conditions to recommend suitable thickness as per our best industry experience of 20 years.

PTFE is Poly Tetra fluoro ethylene. It is Fluoropolymer invented by Dr. Roy J Plunkett from DuPont.Teflon™ is registered brand name of PTFE, FEP and PFA by Chemours Company FC LLC (earlier DuPont). Like Teflon™ there are many famous brands of PTFE like Fluon by AGC, 3M™ Dyneon, POLYFLON by Daikin & many more.

PTFE raw material is important but not the only governing factor for PTFE Lined Pipe performance.

Lined Pipe made out of best quality PTFE can fail measurably if manufacturing protocols are not followed with discipline like Cold room storage, Mixing procedures, well streamlined Extrusion process, accurate heating and cooling cycles, Quality of ovens etc.

If any of the above factor is violated can leads to poor performance and hence performance of any Lined pipe should be tested as per ASTM F1545-15 standard which is worldwide accepted standard.

Other standards and norms can be used as an alternative or optional but not mandatory to follow.

In short, PTFE is high molecular weight fluoropolymer and not melt processible whereas PFA is Fluoropolymer which is melt processible. At the end both perform quite same in most of the applications as both can have similar temperature resistance of 260 Deg.C and work under most of the Chemicals and their mixtures.

Permeation is an important criterion but there are many variables which controls the permeation rate and hance there is no full proof detailed analysis available which can address all chemicals and process conditions.

PTFE Lined Pipes are qualified as per ASTM F1545-15 standard which is worldwide accepted. End users can ask for 3rd party inspection reports as per ASTM standards.

This is a type test to be performed on Plastic Lined metal piping. It involves many stringent tests like High Temperature test, Low temperature test, Vacuum test, steam- water cycle test. Detailed standard commercial copy can be downloaded from ASTM website.

Visual inspection, Hydro test at 29 bar as per component type &size and spark test @ 10-25 KV are mostly followed test for PTFE Lined items and most of the times they are performed on 100 % products.

Performance wise both can be accepted provided right manufacturing method is implemented. These is choice of end-user based on commercial benefits.

We can provide all kind of Fittings in PTFE on case to case basis.

Seamless means one single integrated pipe so it has high reliability & safety in corrosive applications.Whereas, PTFE/PFA welded sheet lining have welded areas with PFA welding rods which are one of the weak sections in whole system and may lead to problems, chemical leakages, Corrosion failure of outer steel body in longer run.

We can offer up to 900 mm Diameter seamless PTFE Lining whereas 1500mm and 2000 mm seamless lining is under development which shall be world’s largest size.

Yes. It can be possible and there are few ways to make it happen. Contact us for more details along with your product drawing or end use application details. We have many success cases to share.

Machined PTFE Bellows are machined from PTFE compression molded bush whereas molded bellows are manufactured from Paste extruded Liners by special manufacturing techniques.

Molded bellows are more reliable due to uniform thickness across all places and unform convolutions designs.

In case of machined bellows, performance varies as per skill of machining and quality of machining tools used.

Normal PTFE is milky white without any fillers and mostly in its pure form but can accumulate static charge on its surface. Whereas, Antistatic PTFE is mixture of PTFE with Carbon black which develops electrically conductive path on PTFE Liner surface under static dissipative range and helps in dissipating static charges to avid any fire related accidents due to spark generation due to static charge.

Vent holes are important to remove any entrapped gases between PTFE outer surface and metal pipe inner surface. It helps to avoid any premature collapse of PTFE Liner especially under full vacuum conditions and at elevated temperatures (150-200 Deg.C).

Yes. It is possible up to PTFE lining with 900 mm Diameter now. Soon we shall offer up to 2000 mm Diameter.

Yes. On case to case basis after understanding process conditions.

We have few good success stories to share which have made significant savings from 100 to 150 % on capital cost.

In Longer run PTFE Lined pipes are more economical than Rubber lining as service life can be 2-3 times higher than rubber lining. Other advantages are less maintenance cost, avoid repeated shutdowns & production losses.

Another key issue we observed that Rubber lined pipes are tend to chock again and again as surface is sticky and layer formation is high inside rubber lined pipes. PTFE is non stick and avoids scaling or layer formation on inside pipe surface.

Yes. Many reputed PTFE suppliers offer FDA compliance certificate.

Yes. It has been successfully used at many industries and proved to be efficient compare to traditional material of constructions like Steel, FRP or Concrete piping.

Yes. Many effluent plants are carrying mixture of many chemicals from PH 1 to 14. PTFE works for all PH range and safe solution. Cost can be saved by design optimization. You can contact us to learn more about our offerings.

PTFE is having very high molecular weight and does not flow after melting, so it is not possible.

Yes. It has Fluorine in polymer structure which makes it fire resistant but cannot protect it if direct fire exposure is > 400 Deg.C.

Yes. Standard sizes can be available from stock. Other sizes can take 1-3 weeks as per sizes and quantity.


If you have more question, kindly contact us by email or Phone mentioned in Contact section.

** All above insights are based on our 20 years of Industry experience, customers feedback and education received from various fluoropolymer manufacturers & Industry experts. There might some more additional points required for any detailed explanation.